er, update I suppose

I’m a terrible person. I have been very lax in keeping this updated, partly because I’ve been working on top secret projects for friends so I couldn’t post about them, though now they are all revealed so I can share them!

Meanwhile general update:

Spoon – same. Though now I have the proper cabinet scrapper to do the bowl and a method of keeping it honed. I’ve also started working on a small bass wood one because I was bored and wanted to try out my new chisel. (oh my god, chisels are amazing!)

Pewter – I made a bunch of tiny hedgehogs for Thyra to give out as tokens at pennsic, and those went over well so she used my tiny hedgehogs for her guard token (!!) and had me make a larger hedgehog for tokens. The larger one is adorable. I’ll post both soon.

Embroidery – I made a panel for a AOA scroll box for my friend Gwen, using really high quality fabric and silk. It was a great project as it really made me learn how to do things properly. Also I made two adorable hedgehog roundels for Edward’s coronation present for Thyra.

Sewing – I made Thyra and Edward both hoods for pennsic. Then I’ve been working with┬áThe Worshipful Company of their Majesties’ Underwear, making garb for Edward and Thyra – mostly for coronation, but also other upcoming events like Crown.┬áCassandra has been teaching me a great deal about the art of doing things right the first time, which are the main sewing lessons I need. When we have a bit of downtime, she’s also going to help me make myself a fitted late period bodice with skirt so I can have more than 2 vaguely court appropriate garments. (Since I somehow got roped into retaining for Edward and Thyra, in which I’ve been having fun). She’s also promised to teach me fitting in general.

Brewing – nothing this fall yet, though I do have some wild honey from my friend’s hive I want to make into mead soon. Still haven’t been brave enough to try anything we bottled last year.

Cheese – We kinda forgot about the cheese in the fridge and now we are all afraid to open it.

Bread – I perfected a multi-grain bread over the summer, but then decided I needed less bread in my diet so I haven’t done much baking since.

Illumination – I made a scroll for my friend’s AOA! And now I’m going to be doing the illumination on a second one. I’ve also been working on a bunch of practice pieces to try out new techniques. Constance wants to get me into making scroll blanks for her, but I feel like I need more practice still, which is probably true, but I also need to just go for it and do them since one can practice forever but if you never actually do something all the practice is for not.


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