Viking Scroll – WV18-045

I received this scroll assignment the evening of September 25th, I quickly skimmed the email and said, oo! this would be a good candidate for a runestone!

Æsa feilinn and I had gone to home depot in the early spring and purchased a flat of slate tiles so we’d have some in reserve for future projects. I tucked one away in my closet for the eventuality, and now was that time.

Generally I outsource my viking words, I’m bad at words to begin with, and doubly unsure about poetry, but there wasn’t time. I started looking at various sagas and what not, seeing if there was anything I could easily crib, but it was taking too long. So I went to Wikipedia and did a bit of research into old Norse poetry styles and decided that I wanted to go with Fornyrðislag, which is an alliterative form, with short lines, done in stanzas that can stand alone.

So taking the information I had I came up with these lines:

Freydis Egilsdottier, Fierce Forester
Hearth Warmer, Horse Giver
Leader of lessons, leeward protector

Forger of Family, Favored Friend

Wilhelm, Warrior Warlord
Vienna, Eastern Embroideress

Givers of Gilded Gears
Honored Officiates, Orientalis
Done on the 27th day of the Harvest Moon, AS LIII

I then transliterated it into runes and figured out the spacing that would work on my slate rock.

The pictures come from the ‘Picture stone G-264′ at the Gotlands Museum in Visby Sweden. The horse theme comes from a story in the award write up about the recipient making hobby horses for an event, so it seemed appropriate 🙂

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