hedgehog dress panel detail

Year of hedgehogs (a few are missing and will have to be added)

Government work (designs and sewing for the king and queen)


Also while in Toronto I made clothes for the fox that I had made in Nova Scotia, they make a dapper pair:



In the background you can see my new gouges from Lee Valley. I’ve also started a mouse finally. I made the ears rounder, and the legs and arms shorter, and the belly rounder, and with a pipe cleaner tail. It just needs stuffing and having its head sewn on. I’m not sure what kind of clothing I’ll make for it. Alex made the glasses for the new fox a few months ago.


More progress on queens’ favors.



Today was an embroidery day as well..

I actually started this yesterday, but today I finished the outline stitching. I am planning on using couching to weave a thread in 3D across the shape. I haven’t quite decided what I’m going to use for the under thread as it will need to be rather large as the channels are about half an inch wide.Image

And since I was at a guild meeting I decided I might as well bow to peer pressure and start working on a queen’s favor. Yay for reverse chain stitch. We had a hilarious discussion about why anyone would ever teach regular chain stitching considering how awesome reverse is.Image

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