Leveling up

I feel like these skills need a tracking system to show progress
(the * is where I feel I am currently)

0 Contemplate making cheese
1 Make soft cheese
2 Make cheese curds
3 Make hard cheese
4 Age hard cheese
*5 Age a hard cheese that isn’t covered in mold/that you would show to guests
6 Age soft cheese
7 Age soft cheese intentionally covered in mold
8 Make two cheeses in a row of the same variety that taste the same
9 ??
10 Master Cheese

0 Contemplate fermented beverages
1 Make Kombocha
2 Make Kombocha you’ll consider drinking
3 Make Soda using yeast
*4 Make wild fermented farm wine
5 Make Mead
6 Make Cider
7 Make Beer
8 Make Wine
9 Have 2 batches come out the same.
10 Master fermented beverages?

0 Contemplate fermented foods
1 Make own yogurt
*2 Make refrigerator pickles
3 Make Saurkraut
4 Make Kimchi
5 Make traditional pickles (fermented, not vinegar)
6 Keep Milk Kefir alive for more than a month
7 ??

0 Contemplate Bread baking
1 Make quick bread
2 Make biscuits
3 Make a loaf of white bread
*4 Make a loaf of Whole Wheat that isn’t a brick
5 Keep a sourdough starter alive for a month
6 Make pita bread / Naan
7 Make shaped loaf bread
8 Make soft sandwich bread
9 Make gluten free bread that tastes good
10 Master Bread baking

0 Contemplate Carving
1 Relief carving on a pine board
2 Carve a 3D shape out of soap
3 Carve a 1 piece mold out of soap stone
4 Carve a 2 piece mold out of soap stone
5 Carve a 3 piece button mold out of soap stone
*6 Make a wooden spoon out of Bass wood
7 Make a wooden spoon out of Cherry wood
8 Make a wooden toy boat modeling actual construction methods
9 Make a box with dovetailed corners by hand
10 ??

0 Contemplate sewing
1 Hem a garment
2 Make a pillow case
3 Attach buttons properly
4 Use a seam ripper to take apart a whole garment
5 Using a sewing machine construct a vest or skirt
6 Using a sewing machine construct something with sleeves
7 Using a sewing machine put in a zipper and waist band of pants
8 Put in set in sleeves
*9 Sew a tailored button up shirt or dress with a collar
10 Sew a tailored Jacket

0 Contemplate Free Embroidery
1 Running Stitch
2 Outlining Stitches
3 Satin Stitches
*4 Texture Fill Stitches
5 Couching Stitches
6 ??


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