yay calligraphy practice.

Uncial Capitals – first half of Rumi’s A Community of Spirit – perhaps tomorrow I’ll do the second half, but tonight my arm hurt from this much effort. Really need to work on Ts and Ss. Also Fs. Entirely up for help/critique. I’m playing with a staedtler calligraphy marker and (obviously) graph paper for the sake of practice and trying to remember to keep my letters both straight, even and spaced properly.

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Art every day and general sketching practice

Afternoon at my cousins Chris and Kim’s open studio

One of my grandfather's carved owls.

One of my grandfather’s carved owls.

An old butcher's table, worn down from use

An old butcher’s table, worn down from use

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I am very jealous of their having this nice big barn to work in. I’m very tempted to make a small studio on wheels in the style of Relax Shacks or Tumbleweed for myself to work in and take with me like a snail.

Chris’s paintings  Kim’s work


Succulent rescue hospital

Succulent rescue hospital

I added in an aloe that I found at walmart the other day. They seem to be doing quite well, even starting to grow and sprout!


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