Fun little AoA based on an 1100s manuscript



This AoA was for Kathryn Tighe’s son, Clark wrote the words. This is my first live scroll assignment.

The source is here:

I am most proud that I managed to not have to do the scroll twice as I didn’t screw it up. My goals are small. Only having to do the scroll once is a big deal 🙂

Windsor Newton cake watercolors on Fluid 100 hot press watercolor paper. Sumi green bottle ink.

I chose this source due to the information I had on the persona, I had asked around about him but my usual sources didn’t know who he was. So I picked an awesome manuscript page that had calligraphy that I liked the look of and decided to copy that. I particularly like the drawn capitals. I didn’t mean to make it yule themed (red and green) and didn’t pick up on that until the day of the Yule event. But regardless, it was how the original was done and I really like the simplistic design.

Takeaway – I need to make myself use vertical guidelines, even if it doesn’t seem worth it, it totally is.


*Queen for a *month

*Where in queen just means gets to dictate what project the sewing room will work on, as much as anyone can steer the sewing room, which is essentially a loose affiliation of various cats using a large bathtub as a boat in the middle of the ocean.

*Where in a month is a non-specific time frame, thus far a month has taken approximately 4 months and we haven’t really started yet, and that’s ok.

So after a long and arduous year of making things for other people, we (the people of the sewing room) decided that we needed new garb, and wouldn’t it be fun if we could get our friends to help us make things that we wouldn’t be able to do without help.

The first up on our list is Andi, which we are finally getting started working on – and I’m second, but since Andi and I’s projects are vaguely similar (both late period English(ish)) we are somewhat starting on mine now too. I realized that I haven’t posted my sketches for this project when I was trying to explain it yesterday on google+. So this post is to share the sketches and the evolution of what I’m doing for this outfit.


Step 1) An underdress that actually fits me. I found out last week that one should make the shoulders the size of your shoulders! (yes, I know that’s really basic, but most tutorials take your largest measurement and make a tube which you then add sleeves and gores on to, this does not work if you have small shoulders.

Step 2) So I’ve seen partlets done a number of ways, I particularly like this option, which is over the underdress, but under the bodice. One of the major benefits as far as I can tell is that you can tie it under the bust so it doesn’t move when you fidget. We’ll see if this actually works in practice, but it seems worth trying at least. This is also where the collar comes in, which is handy in some ways as you can then change out collars depending on the outfit and or where you spilled your ice cream.IMG_20150821_145052933

Step 3) A reversible kirtle, we still deciding where it laces, probably on the sides, maybe in a V on the sides, depending on which works the best for my un-medieval body shape. The front garment construction in general may well also be more \_/ than | _ | because of the difference in circumference at my shoulders and my bust. It’s going to be purple on one side and dark green on the other. (I also have fabric to make one in a neat teal twill that will also be reversible as the fabric is reversible and I have one already in a different teal and brown)

Step 4) Sleeves! Doubletly thing! No idea what is going on with that belt, or where the partlet went to, or precisely what that hat is, but it’s based on the coif/forehead cloth thingy.


Step 5) A wool jacket thing! This is based off a brown wool one that I got from one of my grandmother’s reenactor friends
(I think Phyllis McCluskey? Or possibly Marnie Sumner?) when I was a teen. I wore it for many years until I got too big for it, and I have always wanted IMG_20150821_145109327to make another as it’s so pretty. I bought some gorgeous grey wool in Toronto this spring which should work nicely.

Step 6) Probably not part of the initial project, but! I want to make an over dress out of some russet brown linen that I have, it would be open in the front (which this picture is not showing) and would lace over the bottom kirtle. This is a much more continental look, but given that there was a great deal of trade, intellectual and physical between Amsterdam and the eastern part of England, this makes sense. I also haven’t really decided if I want this persona to be Dutch or English, but at the economic standing I’m building (middle to lower middle class merchant/tradesman) there’s very little difference in the structure of the clothing. The New Englander in me is drawn to East Anglia, as that’s where most of the stylistic things that we take for granted in New England (houses, food, speech, morals, and so on) come from. (See Albion’s Seed)

IMG_20150821_145114846 (1)

A belt for Lynne

We had a bit of a problem back home while we were at Pennsic, and Lynne (and Lackey) helped us out. Since She wasn’t at pennsic, but had gone many times in the past, I wanted to get her something that would be special but that she wouldn’t have already. Wandering off on my own on Wednesday night I spotted some yarn that jumped out at me and said, this is what you are looking for!

So I decided to make her a belt on one of my hand made looms. I used a belt buckle that I had picked up at Gulf that was hand cast.

The yarn is cotton Dragon Tale Yarn. 4/2 2ply 1600yds/lb Crystal Couc? – 2 ounces from my favorite vendor at Pennsic: As I said to them this year, if I were to merchant, this would be my shop as it has nearly everything I love.

Total time to make the belt – well I bought the yarn on Wednesday night, didn’t start working on the belt until after teaching my class and hanging out with Beth, so Thursday evening until I ran out of light and then Friday when we weren’t disassembling the camp, I was working on this. I finished weaving it when we ran out of light on Friday. I sewed on the metal bit when I got home.



Kinsley’s Tigger sweatshirt/dress

Cause I am so easily talked into making adorable, snuggly clothes for small children, I present to you my birthday present for Kins this year:

2015-01-07 19.08.07 2015-01-07 19.07.53

I mean, how can you resist that grin?

hedgehog dress panel detail

Year of hedgehogs (a few are missing and will have to be added)

Amazing fabric store in Toronto

2013-11-09 17.12.40 2013-11-09 17.12.30 2013-11-09 17.12.14 2013-11-09 17.12.00


It was an amazing place… I think they are mostly left over sections from the fashion and home decorating industries. They are nearly all at least 60″ wide and in types I’ve never seen before in a fabric store. I bought some terry cloth, stretchy fleece that I hope to turn into either a pair of pants or a sweatshirt.

The place was so full of fabric that many of the aisles were just barely big enough to squeeze through. The fabric I wanted was near the ceiling so one of the helpful employees climbed up on top of the pile and grabbed it, knocking down a bunch more in the process. It was a magical place, not as cheap as sewphisticated (Around the same prices as Fabric Place Basement), but with somewhere around 10 times the amount and variety of sewphisticated. And all of it felt good quality fabric, not the stuff you find at JoAnn’s. The more and more I find places like this, the more I hate JoAnn’s and how it has put so many smaller fabric stores out of business. I wish more people sewed their own clothing so that there would be a larger demand for places like this.

There was also rooms and rooms of trim and leather.. So much amazingness all in one place. I’d definitely drive back up to Toronto just to go to this store and Lee Valley!

Course, now I need to actually do some sewing. I have like 10 projects that I have all the material for, but haven’t started… I also just signed up for a craftsy class on making your own wool swing coats, which I am very eager to try my hand at.

More progress on queens’ favors.



Today was an embroidery day as well..

I actually started this yesterday, but today I finished the outline stitching. I am planning on using couching to weave a thread in 3D across the shape. I haven’t quite decided what I’m going to use for the under thread as it will need to be rather large as the channels are about half an inch wide.Image

And since I was at a guild meeting I decided I might as well bow to peer pressure and start working on a queen’s favor. Yay for reverse chain stitch. We had a hilarious discussion about why anyone would ever teach regular chain stitching considering how awesome reverse is.Image

Finally finished my populous badge

I also finished my marshal badge, but I forgot to take a picture.

This has been many months in the making, don’t start with 28 count for your first counted work! It’s about an inch and a half across.

2013-11-02 20.59.12

Yay for getting my competency on counted. Also got working knowledge in couching for the marshal badge. WooHoo! I’m now a journeyman!

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