Now for the fun part, do my new inventions work?

So I decided to try the cider press to see how the drain worked when I separated the curds from the whey. We like to save some of the whey to use in other things, like bread or pickles. (Which is strange as it makes foods that are normally lactose free, suddenly problematic, but tasty, that’s a hard trade off, it doesn’t seem to effect me quite as much as drinking straight milk though, even if it is 99% of the lactose in the milk)

Also check out the adorable clamps we found at target

First lesson learned, I need a slightly longer hose if I want to put the gallon jugs on the floor, my hose was about 6 inches too short, luckily I have a ton left over.


Also it makes a really weird disconcerting noise when it gets to the end and there are air bubbles, but it worked well. I may also add in a knob to regulate the flow as once one jug was nearly full it was a bit of a trick to stop and get the next jug. (And really felt like making bath tub gin)

But look! Curds! And we didn’t lose any of them to the sink as in times past.


It always amazes me how much whey is left after cheese making. There’s probably another 6 ounces in the bucket that I didn’t bother pouring into the jugs since we are only keeping one for making more stuff with this week. Milk = mostly water and lactose.



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