I’m going to use the term “art” loosely

Today’s art is that I got another gallon of unpasteurized and un-preserved cider, and I also figured out what was wrong with the first batch (no clue why it’s turned yellow, but I added the preservative at the same time as I added the yeast, which killed off all the yeast, so today I got it a new packet of yeast, and its happily bubbling away.) The new cider gets its yeast tomorrow, as the camden tablets take 24 hours, which is the part I didn’t know last time!



More progress on queens’ favors.



Today was an embroidery day as well..

I actually started this yesterday, but today I finished the outline stitching. I am planning on using couching to weave a thread in 3D across the shape. I haven’t quite decided what I’m going to use for the under thread as it will need to be rather large as the channels are about half an inch wide.Image

And since I was at a guild meeting I decided I might as well bow to peer pressure and start working on a queen’s favor. Yay for reverse chain stitch. We had a hilarious discussion about why anyone would ever teach regular chain stitching considering how awesome reverse is.Image

Finally finished my populous badge

I also finished my marshal badge, but I forgot to take a picture.

This has been many months in the making, don’t start with 28 count for your first counted work! It’s about an inch and a half across.

2013-11-02 20.59.12

Yay for getting my competency on counted. Also got working knowledge in couching for the marshal badge. WooHoo! I’m now a journeyman!

Birch leaf

Birch leaf

I plan to make a stamp of this soon, or perhaps carve it onto a box.


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