2014 goals, reviewed.

Fitness – Endurance: be able to run a mile without stopping in 10 minutes. Strength: get upper and lower body to 100 lb weight resistance. (Currently I’m at about 40) Go to gym 12+ times a month, ideally get 250 minutes of cardio a week.

Review: This went ok, though fell apart around the middle of July. Current Strength: upper body 75 lb, lower body 65 lbs. Cardio. ha.. yeah, so about that middle of july statement. I did great the first half of the year, not so much the latter half. Though I do seem to still have a fair amount of the endurance I built up in the first half of the year.

Health – Pain – Record all medications taken, try to reduce pain medication by half.
Weight – In an ideal world, get weight to 150. Which would require losing a little over 4 pounds a month, which is unrealistic. I suppose a better goal would be shape based, apparently hip to waist ratios for women should be lower than .85, and ideally around .7 (I am currently .9) I would also like a bust measurement of less than 44 inches (which would mean I fit in most normal clothing brands)
Food – Try to record all food and or do an elimination diet for a little while to see if it helps with various pain/swelling issues.

Review Pain – I did not record all medication, though I seem to be taking a lot less pain medication. Weight – er, utter fail. Food – I spent most of the year following my edict of “bread and butter do not make a meal!” which I need to get back to. Also my snack box (pre-measured baggies of snacks, mostly high in protein nuts) has gone very well. Will continue. Have not done an elimination diet. Probably should. Really don’t want to.

Crafting/Art – Document all unfinished projects. Finish them. Document all projects as I start them. Try to do something creative at least 250 minutes a week. Draw something every day. Also write every day. Post to my blog every day about these things.

Review Ha. did not document *ANY* unfinished projects. But I did finish a few. I haven’t been good at documenting new projects either, though I have been pretty good at documenting progress. I think I have actually managed to do something creative at least 250 minutes a week. I also seem to be drawing nearly every day. Writing/blogging.. not so much.

Cooking – Make sausage. Make Kefir. Have fruit every day. Have veggies every day. Bring my lunch to work at least 4 days a week. Eat out no more than twice a week during normal situations.

Review We made sausage! We even ate it! and made it again! I also made Kefir, but didn’t drink it. Also kombacha, but did not drink it. I still fail at having veggies every day. Need to get them into my snack box somehow. I’ve been doing well bringing my lunch to work nearly every day, snack box has been helping with that. Eating out, well, if we don’t count take out… but yeah, we need to get back into the habit of cooking dinner.

Gardening/Farming – Start the seedlings early enough this time. Harvest foods before they go to seed. Dry herbs for the winter. Can food for the winter. Get 3-4 more chicks in the spring. Better automate the winter chicken situation. Weed/Cull the side gardens and work toward an intentional plan. Put in patio at the bottom of the stairs.

Review Seedlings were started! Some foods were harvested, but I did fail on this again. I need a better pest control system. I dried herbs for winter! I canned *nothing* this year :(, but I did get 4 more chickens! and now they are crowded and not laying.. sigh.. Failed on side gardens and patio.

Building – Build workbench in garage. Build shelves in the pantry. Build a box for my tools. Organize all the tools and put up a peg board.

Review There is a workbench in the garage! However everything else on this list I failed.

Cleaning – Re-organize the pantry, Remove 1/3 of my clothes from my closet/drawers, Donate/trash/use 1/4 of my stuff. no seriously. at least 1/4 of my stuff. Better organize the other 3/4ths and throw out more of it.

Review Pantry was reorganized. Need to do it again today, and probably every 6 months. Otherwise failed on the rest of this.


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