2015 Goals Revisited

Crafting/Art – Document all projects as I start them. Try to do something creative at least 250 minutes a week. Draw something every day. Also write every day, preferably in a journal. Post to my blog at least once a week with my updates.

Well, I have documented more projects this year than usual? That’s got to count for something. And I think I’ve been pretty good at the do something creative every day/draw every day. Writing has fallen down a long dark hole, I’m not sure if I even care that I failed at that one though. My blog really ought to get posted to more often though, particularly given how many projects I have completed lately. Which brings us to:

SCA – Have “respectable” feast gear. Have at least 1 outfit to wear in court that I am not ashamed of. Make a scribal portfolio. Enter at least 1 A&S competition. Teach 3 classes at various locations. Learn more metal working skills. Document what I make on my blog. Get to Craftsman status with Athena’s Thimble, try to become a senior member. Perhaps become an apprentice?

This one I nailed. Though it did take me basically all year. I have respectable feast gear. I have 1 outfit, and soon a few more (they just need some handwork) that I feel comfortable wearing to court. I not only made a scribal portfolio, I am a real scribe now, doing live scrolls, finally. I entered 1 A&S competition, which was pretty fun/miserable, I still am somewhat on the fence about K&Q in a month, but if I can manage to scrape together a portfolio of viking spoons.. I’ve taught at least three classes at various locations, some even weren’t intro to embroidery! I’m still working on remembering to blog about the projects though, but I’m working on it. I did finally attain Craftsman status with Athena’s Thimble at yule. I need a few more Ps&Qs before I get to try to be a senior member. AND, best of all, I did apprentice myself to Rozi. Hopefully next year I’ll have some time for more metal working.

Cooking – Have fruit every day. Have veggies every day. Bring my lunch to work at least 4 days a week. Eat out no more than twice a week during normal situations.

Ha ha.. nope. I think I might have even gotten worse about this this year than last. Though I have at least been eating at restaurants less, but I’ve mostly done that through intelligent snacking.

Gardening/Farming – Harvest foods before they go to seed. Dry herbs for the winter. Can food for the winter. Keep the weeds down around the garden. Compost the chicken litter.

Nope. I planted two planters, nearly everything died. There was nothing to can. I gave up on the garden because I was too busy in the spring.

Building –  Organize all the tools and put up a peg board system.

Well, I did at least get the work bench out into the garage and now there’s a place to work on projects. No peg board system though. But we do have drawers…

Cleaning – Re-organize the pantry twice a year (once already done today), get my room to a manageable amount of stuff.

Yay it’s time for the annual pantry cleaning! Which means, yeah, no, I didn’t do it twice a year, though I did a quick sort sometime in the summer.

Fitness – Endurance: be able to run a mile without stopping in 10 minutes. Strength: get upper and lower body to 150 lb weight resistance. (Currently I’m at about 70) Go to gym 12+ times a month, ideally get 250 minutes of cardio a week.

I have managed to go to the gym about twice since 2014. That said, I don’t think I’m in considerably worse shape, but I certainly did not meet these goals and will probably use them again.

Health – Weight – I suppose a better goal would be shape based, apparently hip to waist ratios for women should be lower than .85, and ideally around .7 (I am currently .9) I would also like a bust measurement of less than 44 inches.

I am the same size and shape I was in 2014. Which while better than being worse, is still not reaching the goal. Goal will remain the same. Priority will be on me in 2016, not everyone else.


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