Chicken enjoying the rest of our cantaloupe this morning

Chicken enjoying the rest of our cantaloupe this morning

They got to enjoy some quality time out in the yard, until the big yellow lab came over and wanted to play and they ran into the coop for safety. Smart little chickens.


Succulent rescue hospital

Succulent rescue hospital

I added in an aloe that I found at walmart the other day. They seem to be doing quite well, even starting to grow and sprout!


Kimchi, 24 hours old

Kimchi, 24 hours old

seems to be doing well, Caitrin says it’s a bit spicy. I haven’t tasted it yet.


Carrot and Daikon Kimchi

2013-08-09 19.22.41

Following the recipe in Real Food Fermentation ( Though only using 2 pounds of Daikon (1/2 inch cubes) and three handfuls of baby carrots cut into small pieces (smaller than 1/2 cubes)

The above picture shows it in brine (as it sat overnight)

And using Gochujang paste with fish sauce, and some California red pepper flakes from Penzey’s.

Here’s how it looks after it’s all mashed down with the hot pepper paste:

2013-08-10 10.23.52


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