I made cider! (it’s still fresh though)

I started with 10 pounds of Cortland apples. Washed them, cored them, and macerated them in the ninja. Then they got put into my homemade cider press.. Turns out the bottom bucket needs to be cut down further as I can’t get it to fit in the screws when the follower is added. But it worked pretty well, so I’d say the concept worked. Tastes pretty good too, tart and acidic, but a bit sweet.

2013-10-19 18.58.232013-10-19 19.00.272013-10-19 19.03.052013-10-19 19.03.082013-10-19 19.03.122013-10-19 19.41.062013-10-19 19.30.182013-10-19 19.30.12 2013-10-19 20.08.332013-10-19 20.09.46 2013-10-19 20.13.51

I’m up to 3/4 of a gallon now. I feel like I might be able to get a full gallon, but it’s much harder now that it’s pretty much dried. It needs to be massaged at this point to get juice out. But the pomace is still giving off juice! I’m putting the juice in the refrigerator until tomorrow as I’m going to add yeast (!!) and probably a real air lock, but I need to go to the brewery store.


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