My scribal portfolio now has a home!

I finally figured out how to link my portfolio to the main page of the blog, so now it’s up in the title bar, hopefully that will be obvious enough for anyone looking for it.


Specific gravity of cider

So apparently for safe cider making you need to have a specific gravity of at least 1.045, and mine adjusted for temperature is 1.041, so I’ll be needing to add in some sugar. Though I’m curious if my vessel isn’t letting my hydrometer go as far down as it needs to, as it’s already hitting the bottom.

Information from this web site:

Click to access CiderTechRevised.pdf



Up tonight – mozzarella! Made by Caitrin!

We also have an over abundance of watermelon… so if anyone has any ideas…

2013-08-13 18.21.22

And the cheese was flipped and oiled. And the kimchi is starting to taste like kimchi, but I think it needs another day.

Here’s a preview!


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